“The World’s First Chess Fairy Tale”




Celebrated Children’s Chess Instructor Presents

Valuable Lessons in Fun Fairy Tale Format


   SOMEWHERE – He has been called an “educational superhero” and “the ultimate delivery system for logic, strategy and fun.” With a non-traditional teaching style that is at once enjoyable and effective, he has become the most celebrated chess teacher on [CLASSIFIED LOCATION]. Now Doctor Chess is bringing his expertise and contagiously fun outlook on the game of chess to the youngest of readers with “the world’s first chess fairy tale,” Little Pawny (published by AuthorHouse).

   In Little Pawny, the title character finds himself being picked on by the bigger, stronger chess pieces, who have become lazy and boastful. With a conceited Queen who is always looking into her mirror, Rooks who constantly brag about their strength, and self-centered Knights who are focused only on their ability to jump, the Land of Chess is in turmoil. “The Kingdom of Light is no longer a team,” writes Doctor Chess. “But when the Evil Kingdom of Darkness invades, all the chess pieces are challenged to do their best!”

   Can the chess pieces work together in time to save their kingdom? Which kingdom will fall? And can a “puny” little pawn help at all? Doctor Chess weaves together a delightful fairy tale that both asks and answers these questions, all the while teaching kids a few valuable lessons.

   Written not only to introduce children to the different chess pieces and their roles in the game, Little Pawny also teaches them about the importance of teamwork. Using chess as a storyboard, Doctor Chess shows how the pride of a few can lead to the downfall of many, and how sacrifice always triumphs over selfishness. With its simple, easy-to-read-and-enjoy format, even young children have no problem understanding the expertly intertwined themes of cooperation and solidarity.

   The mysterious Doctor Chess (RUMOR HAS IT) teaches ten classes over the course of five days with approximately 220 students. He has been featured on the local television news, radio stations and in several newspapers for his teaching talents and his ability to get a new audience excited about a classic game. His students learn not only how to play the game, but how to use strategy and logic. While his students do win tournaments, Doctor Chess’ mission is to produce good reasoning students, not chess champions. Little Pawny is Doctor Chess’ first book, although his adventures have been chronicled in The Adventures of Doctor Chess: The Unclass is Back!, written by the editor of Little Pawny, A. Student. -AuthorHouse Publishers